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Jan Jacquelin, Jun 29, 2018 


"I recently had the pleasure of experiencing a drawing lesson with Nichola at the British Museum. For me, this was a re-introduction to drawing from a creative hiatus lasting a few years. I was both nervous and excited about this experience, especially as I had never been shown the techniques she intended demonstrating. However, the end result was an experience of joy and great personal satisfaction. I thoroughly enjoyed the lesson and would not hesitate to engage in more sessions. Nichola sent preparation notes which I found interesting, informative and helpful. This also helped to understand and view her passion for traditional art techniques and style of work. For me, this was not about the end result and I was not disappointed. I had not met Nikki before the lesson but she went out of her way to ensure that we felt comfortable and at ease. She had planned and structured the session well to allow for personal exploration as well as showing traditional techniques to enable me to approach any subject matter in the future. She was hands-on but did not take over, gentle and accurate in her critique, and respectful of personal space and timing. I felt very much at ease in the session and learned a great deal. Most importantly, drawing with Nichola has inspired me to start drawing and painting again."

Marina Bortnovskaya, July 15, 2018


"I attended Nichola’s 1-1 teaching classes for about 6 months in 2015. Our lessons on drawing were held at the art galleries, The British Museum and the Victoria & Albert Museum and our painting lessons were held at my home in London.  Nichola’s unique approach and passionate teaching helped me to refine my drawing and painting techniques. I was always enthusiastically looking forward to our next class. Nichola is a very patient and attentive art teacher and I would highly recommend her to everyone who wants to acquire old master drawing and painting skills."   

Dede Wilson, July 26, 2018


"I had a wonderful lesson with Nikki and I am looking forward to more. I used to draw a lot and loved working with pencils.  Most of my drawing work was character and portrait drawing but I hadn't done any drawing at all for more than 30 years.  Going to the British Museum for my lesson was a wonderful and enlightening experience, going back to it with something completely fresh and new for me. Particularly, having the challenging experience of drawing from an ancient sculptured frieze. I'd studied art in school and had done some life drawing but never had any classical training until my lesson with Nikki. I had a lot of habits so I was not the easiest of students. The training of not drawing what you see but creating the shape, size, and perspective before drawing anything was challenging. I wanted to draw and shade within those shapes so withholding was difficult.  I found it what she taught really helped enormously in terms of really seeing what I was drawing with a fresh eye and helped me to get the balance right. I didn't stick to the rules because as a visual learner, I needed to put things down to see what I had done wrong and then re-do it combining what I know worked for me with what I was learning.  Nikki was very supportive and gently brought me back to the step by step approach of seeing things differently at various stages in the lesson. This was really helpful for me to understand how I could integrate the classical approach with what I was doing. Picking up on the individuality of her students and their past habits as she did with me is a real bonus and one I am sure she will use in the future with her all her students.  I'm really looking forward to more wonderful lessons."

Daisy Agazarian, Oct 15, 2018


"I had such an insightful morning learning the beginning skills of figurative drawing with Nichola. Such a spoiling treat to be able to learn to draw in the famous rooms of the National Gallery and by a brilliant teacher Nichola who can share her expansive knowledge of art experience and skills. I could not recommend this more and very much look forward to my next masterclass at the V&A with Nichola learning to draw from further great masters under her guidance."

Ali Arkitus, Oct 17, 2018


"Nichola taught us a number of super insightful techniques in a very fluid way. It was all very seamless! We first did a couple of exercises in a quiet part of the gallery and then moved to one of the busy galleries towards the end of the session to put what we had learned into practice. Nicola was very thoughtful and explained everything clearly. Would recommend!"

Caroline Towning, Oct 29, 2018

"I had the most incredible drawing class with Nichola yesterday at The British Museum. Nichola teaches very traditional drawing techniques used by the old masters influenced by her modern teachings, her classes take you right back to the basics of representational drawing, they are hard but precise, and she is incredibly patient and informative. The other students in the class were great and we had such a brilliant afternoon. I feel that I learned so much yesterday and I can not wait to book in for the next one. Thank you Nichola!"

Patrick Mellan, Dec 3, 2018


"Nicky, many thanks for the drawing class at the British Museum. Your confidence and gentle guiding gave me a boost in my abilities. In addition. the setting and subject matter created an air of excellence. I look forward to another class on my return to London. All the best, Patrick"

Ana Gonzalez, Dec 27, 2018


"Amazing class- wish it had been longer!! Great experience with a very small group, very useful to get guidance from Nicola, who was great in assisting throughout."

Anne-Marie Marsh, Jan 21, 2019


"I attended a half-day workshop at the National Gallery and a  full-day drawing workshop at the V&A Museum and they were wonderful! Nichola is lovely, an extremely talented lady and a great teacher! As a complete beginner, I was naturally a bit nervous but Nichola was very patient, supportive, encouraging and explained processes clearly. For those of you wanting to learn a more classical approach to drawing in amazing environments I simply can't recommend Nichola and her classes enough. Overall a greatly inspiring experience and I hope to attend again very soon. Thank you, Nichola!"

Anupama Dikshit, Feb 3, 2019

"Very good lesson, Nichola gave precise inputs on how to improve. Really enjoyed the lesson, highly recommend it."

Mary Mallon,  Feb 4, 2019

"I learned that I have so much to learn and, while daunting, this was very helpful. Her materials helped me to focus more on the preparation rather than on the actual drawing and I understood that I had not paid enough attention to this in my work. Nichola is an excellent teacher because she comes prepared, her materials are clear and unambiguous, her explanations are clear, she circulates continuously giving each student time, and perhaps most of all, she is warm, approachable and she listens! I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and wish I lived in London so I could avail of access to this level of expertise all the time. The Venue was great. Surrounded by Art and Beauty what more could you ask. It gave a further dimension of authenticity to the course. I loved every minute!"

Amanda Bush, April 10, 2019


"It's always a pleasure to visit the British Museum and a greater pleasure still to attend this fantastic 2-day course in the Greek sculpture rooms. Nichola is an excellent tutor. The course began with a short explanation of the history of the carvings, then she distributed handouts to illustrate how best to approach the drawing. Nichola explained how to measure proportions of the bas reliefs and how to place the drawing on the sheet. While we were drawing, Nichola moved around the small group giving advice and instruction. On the second day, we progressed to shading and modeling the drawings, again with all of the advice and encouragement necessary. The only minor problem with the course was that l found the level and length of concentration required over the two days was quite exhausting, but at the end, l went home with quite a credible drawing and a sense of great achievement, thanks to Nichola's well-judged advice and supervision. I thoroughly recommend this excellent course."


Michelle Lim, April 11, 2019


"This is a fantastic drawing course in every aspect, even for a beginner such as myself. - The material itself is very systematic and structured, following a series of key steps that help set up and expand on your drawing skills. This can be very helpful no matter what your level of drawing, but especially so for a beginner such as myself who can sometimes struggle to know how and where to start. - The material is presented by Nichola in a very clear manner, and Nichola is always happy to help with further instruction, giving good advice for any aspect of drawing even if not directly covered by class material. - Nichola is very experienced and comes with many years of technical training; this is reflected in the way she teaches and her knowledge of the subject matter. Additionally, she is also kind and with her feedback and genuine with her enthusiasm, characteristics which definitely enhance the class experience. She provides constructive criticism in a gentle and guiding way. - The location of the course is absolutely amazing. Having a drawing course here gives you even more appreciation for the beauty of these old sculptures. Learning with Nichola has also made me more aware of how these sculptures have been designed to be aesthetically pleasing. I have come away with even more appreciation for them. All in all, a fantastic experience that I cannot recommend more highly. Thanks!"

Catherine Gilliam, June 22, 2019

"Nichola is a lovely teacher who gives feedback and great guidance. The venue is, of course, great too. I would definitely go again."

Simone Waring, June 22, 2019

"Always wanted to try a museum drawing class but not knowing how to draw was quite nervous. As it happens this was perfect - Nichola Eddery came across as charming, talented and very professional and the small group size meant plenty of one-on-one guidance. I look forward to another class!"

Nicola Evans, July 19, 2019

"I came across Nichola Eddery’s wonderful work whilst looking at representational artwork. As a keen aspiring artist,  I wanted to improve and refine my technique and was delighted to find that as an Atelier Nichola offered classical drawing courses not only at London’s finest museums but also online. This is so useful for my given my location in Scotland. The online lessons are really enjoyable. I have been able to take things at my own pace and Nichola has been very helpful in advising about technique. It is also wonderful to be able to have the flexibility of one to one private tuition at mutually convenient times. I would thoroughly recommend this course either as a stand-alone method or as a complement to actual workshops”.

Vladimir Dukanovic, July 21, 2019

"I have enjoyed immensely working on my drawing skills with Nichola. We had a series of one to one sessions in Nichola's home studio and I have also done one of her workshops. Her style of teaching is quiet yet uncompromising, she puts a lot of effort into identifying a person's individual strengths and weaknesses and providing various approaches rather than applying the same schematic approach which is rare and great for an art teacher - especially in an academic style. I highly recommend her and I am looking forward to doing some painting lessons with her." 

Clare Roberts, 27 October, 2020

"While I had done some drawing as a hobby prior to joining Nichola's online Bargue drawing classes, I had been stuck in a rut with my drawing and felt that I didn't have the necessary technical skills to improve. I found Nichola's classes to be well thought out and thoroughly enjoyable, and my drawing has improved immensely over the course of the classes. I have learnt an invaluable range of skills, all clearly explained by Nichola during the classes and via instructional handouts and feel confident that I can now apply what I've learnt to my drawing. Nichola is a patient and encouraging teacher and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her classes to beginners or the more advanced looking to improve their drawing skills."

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