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Scholarship from January to July 2019 

Nichola is offering a scholarship for one student under the age of 35 a unique opportunity study with Nichola for one to one tuition for six months in her private studio in Richmond  The scholarship will run from January 7 to March 29 and April 15 to July 5.  The student will receive an intensive 24-week structured classical training programme for drawing and painting.  


From Nichola's own training she spent 6 months with Ryan Wurmser in LA receiving 1-1 tuition and felt she gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and her drawing and painting skills improved dramatically in those six months compared to a year and half spent at an atelier.  Nichola also knows how expensive atelier training is and wishes to give one student the same intensive training at an affordable price.  


Nichola welcomes all levels of experience to apply with an interest to pursue a career as a professional artist.


Structure for 24 weeks:


  • 1-1 tuition for 3 days a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9 am - 4 pm) of a structured programme of drawing and painting in Nichola's private studio in Richmond.  This will involve cast drawing & painting, still-life drawing & painting, colour theory, old master copies and landscape painting.  Figure & portrait drawing and painting will be included if a workshop is organised or a contribution to model fees will be required.

  • All day workshops and short courses are included in the price

  • Between the studio and museums days, Nichola will make sure the student receives 30 hours a week of tutoring.

  • Nichola will provide teaching demonstrations and exercises to help the student learn the vital stages of drawing and painting.  The lessons will focus on helping to achieve a clearer understanding of colour, value, light composition, structure and form intended to make their work considerably stronger and more informed. 

  • The initial lessons will be drawing only, providing the student with the ability to learn how to start a drawing and to fully understand how to convey the interaction of light on form through line and tonal gradation.  The exercises will help the student to understand these concepts to enable them to work towards an informed and developed drawing before moving on to oil painting once these skills have been mastered.  Painting classes will then be provided to teach the additional skills necessary to enable the student to undertake form painting with confidence. Exercises will be set at each stage to enable students to continue to practice at home.

  • On receipt, you will receive a drawing handbook to prepare for the drawing class. The handbook is a 13-page document that will provide information on the fundamental principles of drawing, a list of supplies for the classes, online suppliers and other useful information.   The painting handbook will be presented when the student moves to paint.

  • List of materials will be provided but the student must purchase their own materials

  • Transport costs, meals and housing will not be included in the price


Scholarship requirements


  • Assisting Nichola in day workshops and short courses 

  • Help in the studio 



Price for scholarship:  £3,600  (most ateliers charge £3500 per term and that is with 12-15 in a class)




Please send Nichola an email to with your name, DOB, address, education, 5 images of your work and a short description why this scholarship is right for you.


Application deadline is November 1.  Nichola will like to meet applicants at her private studio in Richmond between the November 4-7.  The chosen students will be notified on the November 8.  The non-refundable deposit is fixed at 50% of the agreed price and is to be paid in full before November 15 by bank transfer.  The remaining non-refundable balance is to be paid before December 13.


Please do not hesitate to contact Nichola for any questions by email at or alternatively call her on 07557873889.


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