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Nichola Eddery (1982)


Tutor in drawing




2001-2003     Charles H. Cecil Studios, Florence, Italy

2009-2010     Studio Escalier, Paris and Argenton,                              Loire Valley, France

2010              L' Ecole Albert Defois, Les Cerqeux-                            Sous-Passavant, Loire Vallery, France

2011              Ryan Wurmser, Westlake, California,                              USA

2014              JSS, Civita, Italy


Over the years Nichola has dedicated many years to learning different traditional approaches that originate from methods used by the Old Masters.


Nichola has exhibited in London and internationally.  She has had four solo shows and is currently a main artist at The Osborne Studio Gallery, Belgravia, London.  Her works are in collections all over the world.


For more information and examples of her work please click on the link below:  







Nichola Eddery is offering a classical drawing course over three Friday evenings in the Victoria and Albert Museum. This course will be comprised of 9 hours of traditional training.


The class will be taught by Nichola Eddery and will offer her unique blend of classical training by drawing directly from the sculptural masterpieces. Nichola will provide demonstrations and exercises to help each student learn the vital stages of traditional drawing.


This is a great course for those who wish to receive a more informed and intensive drawing program set in a truly beautiful and inspiring museum.


Structure of the three Friday Evenings - September 14, September 21 and September 28


  • 6.45pm Meet and great in the front hall

  • 6.55pm – 8.15pm Drawing

  • 8.15 pm– 8.35pm Optional coffee/dinner break at the V&A Cafe

  • 8.35pm – 9.55pm Drawing


Course Details

  • 9 hours of tutoring

  • 3 x 3-hour classes

  • Max 8 places

  • All levels of drawing experience are welcome.

  • Nichola will provide 1-1 tuition to each participant during the evening.

  • The programme will provide 6 demonstrations and exercises to learn the vital stages of a drawing; learning how to begin, proportion, structure, form, value, light and shade and understanding how to convey the interaction of light on form through line and tonal gradation. 

  • On receipt, you will receive a drawing handbook to prepare for the drawing class. The handbook is a 13-page document that will provide information on the fundamental principles of drawing, a list of supplies for the classes, online suppliers and other useful information.   

  • Essential supplies are to be purchased before the course and this includes, A4 drawing pad, 2B pencil, putty rubber, enclosed sharpener, and a ruler. This will cost under £10.

  • Students wishing to try red chalk or graphite and chalk on toned paper are welcomed to the class but must be purchased before the workshop commences.

  • Stools will be provided.


Please do not hesitate to contact Nichola if you have any questions.

Drawing Lesson details:


  • For one-to-one drawing lessons in Nichola's home studio, you will be drawing from a cast and Bargue drawings.

  • Online skype drawing lessons are an opportunity to learn with Nichola from the comforts of your home.  Before your lesson, Nichola will email you information, a Bargue plate that you and Nichola will copy from during the lesson and schematic drawing examples.  Nichola will demonstrate online how to approach each stage.  During the lesson, Nichola will critique your work via your computer's camera or through your smartphone by sending Nichola a picture message. 

  • For museum lessons, you can choose to draw in the British Museum, The National Gallery and The V&A.  The chosen museum will dictate whether you draw from sculpture or paintings.

  • Nichola will teach a step-by-step methodology to help students learn the vital stages of drawing.  Demonstrations and exercises will be provided to learn how to start a drawing and learn how to achieve a clearer understanding of proportion, structure, gesture, form, value, light and shadow through line and tonal gradation. This will involve learning the envelope, the stages of the block-in, the movement curves, the block concept, the classic order of light, and modeling light interacting with the form. The class exercises will help students to understand these concepts to enable them to work towards an informed and developed drawing, intended to make their draftsmanship considerably stronger. 

  • On receipt, you will receive the password to access the drawing handbook to prepare for the classes. The drawing handbook link is located at the bottom of every page on this website and is labeled 'Drawing Handbook'. Click on this link and then enter the password. The handbook is an instructive document that will provide information on the fundamental principles of drawing, a list of supplies for the class, online suppliers and other useful information.   

  • You will receive background information on the history of classical training, history on your chosen museum and schematic drawing examples.

  • Essential supplies are to be purchased before the class and a list will be provided on receipt, but can also be viewed in the 'List for drawing materials and supplier's' in the footer of the website.

  • An easel and chair will be provided in Nichola's Studio

  • Stools for museum lessons will be provided and are to be returned at the end of class

  • Knitting needles will be provided for measuring and are to be returned at the end of class


If you are interested in regular private lessons, Nichola can offer painting lessons after initial drawing lessons as one needs to master the drawing concepts to prepare one for painting.  Painting classes will then be provided to teach the additional skills necessary to enable the student to undertake form painting with confidence.  Exercises will be taught to understand hue, value, chroma, light, harmony, and space through painting from casts, still life and Old Master paintings.  This will involve learning the poster study, the rounding study, form painting and composition.


Payment for a lesson is to be made in full before the agreed date of the initial lesson by online transfer to Nichola's account or by Paypal invoice.   Please read terms and conditions for the cancellation and refund policy.  Bookings made less than three days prior to the agreed date for the lesson is non-refundable.


Nichola welcomes adults and minors of 16+ for private 1-1 lessons but a minor must have their parents/guardians express consent.  Please find the parental consent form at the bottom of the website - this must be signed and brought to the lesson.  If you have a child younger than 16 who is eager to learn please contact Nichola at to discuss more.


A student in full-time education wishing to receive a 10% discount must present proof of their student ID.


For inquiries about private tuition and availability please email Nichola at


Please see below examples of Nichola's work, Nichola's casts, student's work and testimonials.  For more information about Nichola art and examples of her work please click on the link below:  

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