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Private Tuition in Traditional Drawing & Painting

Receive 1-1and group private traditional training in drawing and oil painting through a personalise and structured learning experience through in-person or live online classes. Whether you are interested in learning the basics, or wish to focus on a genre or develop your portfolio, Nichola will tailor your lessons to achieve your specific needs. 


Nichola is a classically trained, professional artist who has studied for number of years at renowned ateliers in Italy, France and America to learn traditional methods that originate from the Renaissance masters. She has exhibited in London and internationally through solo and group exhibitions and taught children and adults for many years. Nichola knows the cost and commitment involved in learning at private art schools, so Nichola has designed a more convenient way of learning the fundamental principles and techniques in traditional drawing and painting, which you can take at your own pace. Nichola recommends booking drawing lessons first, as drawing is the foundation to all artistic disciplines and constitutes to three-quarters of a painting.

Time - book your preferred time slot on:

Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday: 9am - 7pm.  


Saturdays can be arranged too if Nichola is not teaching a workshop, please contact Nichola for availability at


Private Lessons

  • 1-1 Live online via Zoom - Prices are stated below 

  • 1-1 in-person, group lesson or corporate workshop : home visit near Richmond or in the London tube area, and lessons in London museums, please contact Nichola for a quote at  Travel expenses and travel time will be included in the quote. 


To ensure optimal safety for in-person lessons, Nichola has implemented the government's Covid-19 policies and advice (link).

What do the private lessons offer?

  • Personalised and structured private lessons in drawing and painting for adults and children of 7+ for all levels of drawing experience, including the complete beginner.  

  • Learn the fundamental principles of drawing; line, shape, proportion, perspective, light theory, value, shading, form modelling, edges and composition.

  • Learn the fundamental principles of oil painting; value, colour theory, colour mixing, form painting, indirect and direct painting methods, oil painting techniques and composition

  • Learn Nichola's step-by-step approach to learn the vital stages of traditional drawing and painting through concept exercises, simple shapes, Bargue Plates, casts, still life, photographic reference and old master works.  Museum visits in London can also be arranged.

  • Choose to specialise in a specific area of interest including the figure, portraiture, still life, landscapes, horses and other animals.

  • Receive a personalised study plan for your lesson/s and during each lesson you will provided a lectures, demonstrations, guidance reference, assignments, complementary handbooks and receive 1-1 guidance throughout each lesson.

  • Structured and personalised tuition with Nichola who trained at Charles H. Cecil Studios, Florence, Italy; Studio Escalier, Paris and Argenton, Loire Valley, France; L' Ecole Albert Defois, Les Cerqeux-Sous- Passvant, Loire Valley, France; Ryan Wurmser, Westlake, California, USA and JSS Civita, Civita Italy.

  • Nichola has taught for many years and has taught regular drawing and painting classes for other private art schools.

  • Nichola specialises in representational equine art and portraiture which she has exhibited in London and internationally. She has had four solo shows, exhibited in many group exhibitions and been a finalist in the ARC Salon.  She is currently a main artist at The Osborne Studio Gallery, Belgravia, London. Her works are in collections all over the world, including the Saudi Royal Family.

  • Pay as you go or block-book a course of lessons tailored to your needs.

Advantages for Young students

  • Nichola welcomes young children/teens from 11+ to learn the basic fundamental principles of drawing and painting. Many of the Old Masters started learning academic drawing from 11.

  • An opportunity to learn with Nichola and to prepare for an art scholarship or strengthen your child's GCSE or A-level portfolio.

  • Nichola has an enhanced DBS certificate

*Discounts & Current Offers*

  • 1-1 Live Online Course Offers: Receive up to a 35% discount compared to single bookings.


How do the private live online classes work?

Throughout history, art eduction has constantly evolved and live online is an excellent way to learn, especially when you are receiving live 1-1 tuition opposed to a pre-recorded video. 

  • Book your preferred time slot on the days available

  • Please contact Nichola to discuss your personal study plan, before your first lesson

  • You can attend the lesson on your laptop or smart device. All you need is the Zoom link, meeting ID and password which you will receive in your booking confirmation.

  • Nichola will provide information on materials, equipment required and how to set-up your home workspace 

  • Nichola will provided exercise documents, reference material, demos and optional assignment homework.

  • For courses, Nichola recommends booking a lesson weekly, but extra time is allocated to each course, if you can't make every week or need longer to work on assignments.

  • Nichola recommends using two devices for your lesson. Use your tablet or laptop so Nichola can send you information and share her screen during the lesson and use your mobile with a flexible arm so that you can point the camera directly at your paper during the lesson or to take images of your work to send to Nichola during the class. You can attach the arm to the back of a chair or a side of a table or a tripod light stand. The mobile camera will allow Nichola to see you draw or paint and provide optimal 1-1 guidance throughout the lesson.

How do the private in-person classes work?

The in-person lessons work the same as the live online lessons except for museums visits where Nichola will provide stools.

How do I book a lesson?

  • For pay-as-you-go bookings, please choose your date and available time slot. 

  • Nichola also welcomes discounted course bookings options for an introductory drawing course of 5 lessons (1 hr per class) and drawing or painting courses of 5 or 10 lessons (2 hrs per class).  To book, please choose your first date and available time slot for your first lesson, and then arrange with Nichola a mutually convenient lesson times thereafter.

Terms and Conditions

  • Bookings made less than 48hrs prior to the agreed date for the lesson or course is non-refundable

  • Once a course has started, the course is non-refundable

  • To cancel a booked lesson, you must contact Nichola no less than 48hrs prior to the agreed date for the lesson or it will be counted as a used lesson

For all enquires please email Nichola at

Student's work

Vladimir Dukanovic, July 21, 2019  

In-person lessons

"I have enjoyed immensely working on my drawing skills with Nichola. We had a series of one to one sessions in Nichola's home studio and I have also done one of her workshops. Her style of teaching is quiet yet uncompromising, she puts a lot of effort into identifying a person's individual strengths and weaknesses and providing various approaches rather than applying the same schematic approach which is rare and great for an art teacher - especially in an academic style. I highly recommend her and I am looking forward to doing some painting lessons with her." 

Nick  Majesky, November 24, 2020

Live online lessons as Nick lives in the USA

"I discovered Nichola's Atelier online while researching Bargue plates - I was interested in these plates as a means to better understand and organize shadow and light in portraiture. I live in the U.S. and so, signed up for her 1-1 online lessons in which foundational principles are explored, such as light and shadow, planes of the head, and developing work from the general to the particular.  I find Nichola to be an experienced, sensitive, and thoughtful artist, who is consistent and generous in her teaching; she is someone whose instruction and feedback I've come to trust. The online format works for me: Lessons are presented with multiple camera views to ensure the demonstration is visible. Following the lessons, Nichola is available for feedback (I usually email her between sessions) and I think this is crucial for growth, as it allows exploration of the concepts and exercises to the best of one's abilities:. Having studied on my own, it has been a relief learning from someone so knowledgeable and rooted in art."

Michaela Suleman, September 29, 2022

Live online lessons as Michaela lives in Abu Dhabi

"I have utterly enjoyed my live online lessons with Nichola over the last few months. Nichola is highly knowledgeable and provides thorough guidance throughout the lessons. Her advice on drawing and painting has been invaluable, especially the mixing of colours to achieve beautiful highlights and the step by step technique. Without Nichola, I wouldn’t have been able to paint the stallion as well. Thank you Nichola!"